May 10th, 2002
Day 23

Start: Ventura, CA
Finish: Ventura, CA

Miles Today: 46
Miles to Date: 1503
Trooper Mileage: 170424

No pictures today either.

I actually DID get up early in the morning, drove to Santa Paula, found the Isuzu dealership, and was waiting at the service department way before anyone showed up for work. At first they gave me a line about being backed up from the previous week, and maybe not being able to do much today, so I just smiled, asked them to then just take a look when they got the chance, and was generally cheerful and charming, and started talking a little about my adventures. To make a long story short, they not only ended up giving me a ride to a restaurant in town where I could get breakfast, they also made a temporary fix to my coolant leak, readjusted some stuff on the clutch to make it work much better, and did a complete valve adjustment, all before noon, and all for less than $200.

In the afternoon I once again found a gym on my list of clubs I don't have to pay for and went for an extended workout - about 2 hours.

Fred cooked dinner tonight, a really tasty salmon-rice-curry thing. I made martinis.

Later in the evening I decide to go out for a movie, since it may be a while before I get the chance to do so again. I saw "Changing Lanes", which was excellent.

Tomorrow the plans are to head up to Kings Canyon and Sequoia (they're kind of conjoined national parks). From there I plan on going to Yosemite. I will probably be off-line for a while, maybe over a week. So, if you don't see anything new for a while, don't be surprised. There will probably be stories and pictures worthwhile on the other end.