May 3rd, 2002
Day 16

Start: San Diego, CA
Finish: Pasadena, CA


Miles Today: 132
Miles to Date: 1310
Trooper Mileage: 170231

No pictures today ...

In the morning I woke up early (since Keith has no beds, I also slept on the floor in one of his unused rooms), went back to Mike and Lindsay's place for a quick visit and to pick up something I had left behind, then went back to wake up Keith and we went out for coffee. After that he went off to work and I hit the road to head north.

I got to John Glanville's place in the early afternoon. John gave me a quick tour of his office and downtown Pasadena, then we went out for dinner. John had to head off to Santa Barbara for a Rotarian function, and left me with the run of his house in his absence.

John is a principal in a venture capital firm called the Athenaeum Fund. Every time I have a conversation with John I end up learning a lot about business. I suspect that it will all come in useful some day. Some of it already has.