As some of you know, in the first few months of 2002, a number of life events have coincided to totally restructure (or de-structure?) my life. In addition to going through a, shall we say, "domestic adjustment", which also entailed the type of "financial adjustment" that is usually associated with such an event, I also encountered an "employment adjustment" at the end of February when Motorola wiped out the entire department for which I worked.

The domestic situation is not something for publication, it's more for private discussion, and is best done over liberal amounts of premium vodka - I have acquired a taste for Belvedere and Grey Goose, although you should all be buying Brilliant Vodka (if it is available in your area) since I know some the principal individuals involved, and I've also invested some of what my ex-wife let me keep in the company.

The "financial adjustment" looks costly on first glance, but with critical analysis, I actually came out of it better than I might have, by not letting my ego or lawyers get in the way. Fertile ground for an entire different discussion.

The "employment adjustment" was something I saw coming for a long time, and it was no surprise. I was prepared for it as best I could be. Fortunately as part of the "domestic" and "financial" adjustments I quickly divested myself of bothersome, expensive things like BMW's and large houses on mountainside lots, with reasonable terms.

So - with no immediate appropriate job prospects in sight, reasonably comfortable financial resources, at least for the time being (which makes being homeless and unemployed attractive in a strange kind of way) and lots of time on my hands, I decided that it was time for the Grand Adventure.

I invested in a laptop computer (Gateway 9550 XL), a digital camera (Canon G2 4 MegaPix) and a seemingly interminable stream of maintenance and repairs to my 1991 Isuzu Trooper.

Finally, on April 18th, I left Scottsdale Arizona behind to travel - to wherever my whims take me (I do have a general plan) for as long as I wish (or until the money runs out).

This is the web journal of my travels. I will update it as often as possible with words and pictures, offering to share my adventures (even if it's just for people like you that have too much time on your hands and nothing really interesting to do instead).

The dates in the left frame link you to the journal entries (text and pictures) for the given day. On many of the journal pages there is also a MAP link showing recent routes. My email link and phone number are in the top frame. My phone is a cell on a nationwide calling plan, so don't worry about hitting me with a roaming charge.

I built this site on my laptop which has great screen resolution. If anyone encounters problems viewing it, email me. Try to avoid using older versions of browsers, especially Netscape 4.X and earlier. Anything later than that should work fine.

If you are viewing this, and are not already a personal acquaintance or friend of mine, kindly drop me an email and let me know how you got connected to this site.