Consulting Engineer – MUOS Project, WCDMA Defense Communications
   · Call for details

   MEDIAGUIDE King of Prussia, PA – 2008

   Senior Software Engineer – Video and Audio Processing Software
   · Software design and development for client and server to process media files to generate
     electronic fingerprints.

     Client software written in C running on Linux platforms.

     Server program written in C++ using Microsoft DirectShow filter graph technologies,
     running on a Windows platform.

     Client and server communicated through socket connections.  Server was multi-threaded
     to handle multiple remote clients simultaneously.


   Senior Software Engineer – Embedded Systems & Firmware

    · Software design, development and analysis for 3rd generation cellular data communications

    · Designed and developed a driver for a SIM card interface.

    · Analyzed and enhanced software for High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) and
    High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA) for a 3G cellular data communications device.

  VANGUARD GROUP Scottsdale, Arizona & Malvern, Pennsylvania – 2003 to 2006

    Business Systems Analysis – Web Services Group

    · In a business environment, performed systems analysis for enhancement of internal and
    external web sites and applications. Worked with team developing problem resolution
    management, tracking and reporting capabilities to handle problems with client accounts.
    Provided analysis for usability of user interfaces for web-based applications.

    Client Relations – High Net Worth Group

    · Initial position – provide services as an NASD licensed representative (Series 6 &
    Series 63), assisting clients with financial services, account and investment information,
    and problem resolution.

  MOTOROLA Tempe, AZ – 1984 to 2002

    Principal Software Engineer – Manufacturing Automation & Semiconductor Test

    · In an engineering R&D environment, performed software design and development at all
    levels of the system architectures, from embedded firmware to operator interfaces, for
    manufacturing automation systems, semiconductor test systems and web-based applications.

    · Authored the department's SEI Level 3 methodology in conjunction with a corporate
    software process improvement initiative and applied it to a project I managed.

    · Designed and developed embedded firmware for system components containing 68000 MPU.
    Firmware consisted of kernel and associated ISR's, calibration and diagnostic routines,
    operational routines, and interfaces to other system components.  Software was written
    in 680x0 assembler and C.

    · Designed and developed the operator interface for a number of major test and
    manufacturing systems.  Authored an operator's manual (approximately 150 pages) that was
    used in training and operations for over 10 years.

    · Designed and developed electro-mechanical control software to drive various modules
    of a semiconductor manufacturing line.  The control components of this system included
    servo motors, solenoids, optical sensors, mechanical sensors, thermal sensors, lasers,
    cameras and electronic test components.  Also developed inter-process control/communication
    software to coordinate the operations of multiple system modules.  All work was done in C,
    running under the QNX operating system.

    · Designed and developed various Internet and intranet capabilities for our department.
    Developed both client-side and server-side code to dynamically generate custom pages as
    interfaced with back-end data stores.  One system involved a manufacturing components
    inventory and tracking database on the back end, and a web interface to manage and update
    that database on the front end.  Another involved a document storage, retrieval and
    management system that was run through an intranet web interface.  This work involved the
    use of HTML, JavaScript, VB, ASP, SQL queries, TCL cgi-scripts, Dreamweaver, Flash,
    SQL-Server database and Access database.

Complete resume in Word format: CarlHusicResume.doc