April 30th, 2002
Day 13

Start: San Diego, CA
Finish: Aliso Viejo, CA


Miles Today:: 86
Miles To Date: 1094
Trooper Mileage: 170015

No pictures today ...

After packing up my belongings and bidding farewell to Lindsay and the kids (Mike, alas, was at work) I headed north on I-5 along the coast to Aliso Viejo, to drop in on Dean Corley and Randi Reznik. Dean was once my supervisor's boss. He was the manager of our group at Motorola back when it used to be the Advanced Test Systems group of the Semiconductor Products Sector (back when Motorola actually made semi-conductors).

We just relaxed, had dinner at an Italian restaurant, and I regaled Dean and Randi with the tales of how I had come to lead this nomadic existence. Just a generally nice, relaxing evening. As usual, I was up way too late working on this site.