June 6th, 2002
Day 50 (page 1)

Start: Park City, UT
Finish: Dinosaur NM, UT


Miles Today: 163
Miles to Date: 5303
Trooper Mileage: 174204

Before coming to Park City, my friend John Glanville from Pasadena put me in contact with his friend Marie, who has an interest in a computer training business. This morning I had a talk with her partner (who handles the techie end of things) about the business. At first I thought she might need some help on the technical end, but it turns out that her partners were tech-peope, so she was covered there. At the same time, I just wanted to network woth these people, since you never know when the next business opportunity might prevent itself.

Besides, if I do enough oif this kind of thing, I can probably make some of this trip tax-deductable as a job-hunting expense. It wouldn't even be really fraudulent, since I'm always looking for possibilites and open to opportunities. Although I plan to return to Arizona, anything could happen - I might just find the kind of situation I want in another place where I would enjoy living. We'll see ...

I packed up and continued east, my destination Dinosaur National Monument. Coming out of Heber Valley, following Route 40 East, the poor Trooper had to struggle up a pass that was over 8000'. Once you get out of the Wasach Mountains, you again hit the high desert. There's some really interesting geology along the way - lots of red-rock sedimentary formations sculpted and erroded over the eons.
NE Utah

It was a relatively short drive to Dinosaur National Monument, less than three hours. I got there in the early afternoon, with plenty of time to look around before setting up camp.

Near the west entrance is the Dinosaur Quarry exhibit, probably unique in the world as far as exhibits of dinosaur fossils. There is a large rock face in which many bones and skeletons have been found. This face was worked for years, and many bones and skeletons removed and sent to museums all over the country. In 1992 they ceased excavation operations with many fossils still in place, and built a building over the whole thing.

This place was fascinating - on the next page I've chosen to put LOTS of pictures, since I know there are some kids out there who would really like to see them (Mike and Linsday - go get your boys).

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