June 7th, 2002
Day 51

Start: Dinosaur NM, UT
Finish: Frisco, CO


Miles Today: 295
Miles to Date: 5577
Trooper Mileage: 174499

View from camp along Green River

I spent the night camping at Dinosaur National Monument, in a campsite along the Green River. In the morning I packed up and explored a few of the other sites in the area, then hit the road moving southeast. This leg was along non-interstate type road - good quality, but mostly 2 lane and sparsely traveled. The route took me through hills and valleys, oil fields and ranches and for a good part of it, along the White River. Eventually I hit I-70 and took that east to Frisco. East of Vail this highway goes through the Vail Pass - altitude 10,603 feet.

This was mostly just a traveling day, covering lots of ground. I got into Frisco about 4:30 PM. I'll be staying here for a little over a week with my old college friend Joel Levi and his wife Amy. Joel has a computer training and consulting business in the area, Amy is a nurse and runs the surgery center in one of the local medical facilities. They have invited me to go on a camping and fishing trip in Flaming Gorge on the Green River (yes, the same Green RIver I just left in Dinosaur NM) so I'll be doing some backtracking next week.

Later Joel took me over to the Copper Mountain Health Club for a much needed workout. According to the scale there, I'm only down about 2 or 3 lbs. My legs have gotten plenty of exercise, but I need some upper-body work. I'll get that in this week and probably get everything back before I leave.