June 11th, 2002
Day 55

Start: Frisco, CO
Finish: Frisco, CO

Miles Today: 25
Miles to Date: 5602
Trooper Mileage: 174524

No pictures today either. The next few days are not going to be real exciting, I'm mostly resting, doing maintenance on my stuff, and just generally hangin' with Joel and Amy. The fire, now called the Hayman fire, keeps getting worse and worse.

I got an email today from Lynne Brown, the fiancee of my friend Mike Christman. I've known Mike since the 4th grade, and Lynne for several years. I have known for some time that they are getting married this weekend, but I had not been planning on going to the wedding, because I didn't know where I was going to be, and didn't have any idea where I should be making flight reservations from. Anyway, it turns out they really would like for me to be there. I looked on Travelocity and amazingly found a reasonable airfare. So, I'm changing plans - instead of going back to the Green River with Joel and Amy, Thursday I plan to fly to Pennsylvania. I'll visit with my parents for a bit, spend the weekend and Mike and Lynne's place celebrating with them, then fly back to Colorado next Tuesday to continue my voyage.