May 29th, 2002
Day 42

Start: Lenore/Orofinfo, ID
Finish: Lenore/Orofino, ID

Miles Today: 0
Miles to Date: 4330
Trooper Mileage: 173251

No pictures today. Barb and Frank are at work, the kids are at school, and I spent the whole day updating the web site.

An interesting fact about Clearwater County, Idaho - there are no traffic lights in the entire county. None.

Some things I've learned, by anecdote or experience, while camping in the West -

- It is easier to fend off a black bear than a mosquito.

- A bear trying to get at the food locked in your bear-box is obvious and can be quickly dealt with.
A squirrel, on the other hand, can sneak in and be there for hours before you notice the damage done.

- A bear can be very smart. They recognize an Igloo cooler locked in a vehicle as a source of food and will summarily tear the door off the car to get at the cooler.

- A bear can be very stupid. If they find a Krispy Creme donut or a Hostess Twinkie out in the middle of the wilderness far from people, they don't seem to realize that it was put there by the hunter perched with rifle or bow 15 feet up in the tree behind him.

- Raccoons are intrigued by laptop computers.

- There are a lot more wolves in Northern Idaho than any official cares to admit.

- An adult cougar will take about one elk a month for food. Wolves kill elk for fun (I've seen pictures).