May 6th, 2002
Day 19

Start: Pasadena, CA
Finish: Pasadena, CA

Miles Today: 0
Miles to Date: 1354
Trooper Mileage: 170231

No pictures today ...

John is working. I catch up on laundry (isn't THAT interesting) then spend a few hours setting things up so I can get some additional webspace for this site. I'll spare you the technical details. For many of you the interest level would be right up there with the details of my laundry.

In the afternoon I wander down to Bally's Fitness Center and catch a workout. I've got to do this whenever and wherever I can. Constant vigilence is needed in the fight against time and gravity, even if it is just a delaying tactic against the inevitable.

In the evening, at John's invitation, I attend a cocktail and dinner function with Caltech Associates, and organization of investers, philanthropists, educators and scientists (I knew that packing some nice clothes and a few ties would prove to be a good idea). The purpose of this organization is the advancement of new ideas and technologies through research and business initiatives. The presentations are by people from Caltech's Office of Technology Transfer, which supports the translation of academic discoveries into startup businesses. One of their great success stories is gene sequencing technology. Since the disciplines are heavily weighted towards life sciences (biothech), information technology and communications technology, I actually find myself quite at home, and find the whole evening quite informative. It's always enjoyable to spend time with people smarter than yourself and at the same time manage to not sound too much like a doofus.