September 16th, 2002
Day 152

Start: Barrington, IL
Finish: Barrington, IL

Miles Today: 0
Miles to Date: 14027
Trooper Mileage: 182948

Bob and Betty Bruns

I need to tell you about Bob and Betty. They were neighbors of mine in Scottsdale for many years, at least during the winter months. They were "snowbirds", people who came for the winter and left for the summer. They spent their winters in Scottsdale and their summers in Illinois, for the most part. But, being retired United Airlines people with travel privileges, you might find them in either place at any time of the year.

Now, they loved my cats, and when I was away at work, they spoiled them relentlessly. My cats would wake me up in the morning, then wait by the front door to be let out so they could run next door and visit Bob and Betty. When Bob and Betty would leave for the summer, it took the cats a few days to decide, reluctantly, that they were gone for the season. And when Bob and Betty returned, the cats would run over to greet them.

Now, there were times when I had to travel, sometimes for extended periods of time. If Bob and Betty were out of town, and were not otherwise indisposed, they would happily come back to Scottsdale to take care of the cats in my absence.

So, I would frequently brag that I had cat sitters who flew in from Chicago to cat-sit when I went out of town. Is that the pinnacle of feline indulgence, or what?