September 18th, 2002
Day 154

Start: Barrington, IL
Finish: Portage, WI

Miles Today: 170
Miles to Date: 14205
Trooper Mileage: 183126

Westward Ho!

Leaving Barrington and the Chicago suburbs, I was again heading into somewhat familiar territory, Wisconsin. I spent some time here in the mid 70's with my job at the time. I always thought Wisconsin was quite beautiful and was glad to be passing this way again.

It was a rainly, unattractive day, not one conducive to photography. So, no pictures of Wisconsin today Hopefully tomorrow the weather will clear. I just holed up in a motel in Portage, relaxed and worked on the web site.

On observation. Concerning the distribution of insects glued to my windshield on any given day - the probability that an insect will splatter itself directly in your line of sight is directly proportional to the size of the insect. It never fails - as a stream of bugs bombard the glass in a mass frenzy committing suicide in a quick but gruesome manner, the biggest seem to be aiming for my face, only to be thwarted in their mission by the plate glass that precedes my nose by a few feet. It never fails that some bug, so bloated with body fliuds that I'm amazed it can fly, will hit SPLAT and smear itself across my vision like a raw egg dropped from above.