April 24th, 2002
Day 7

Start: Las Vegas, NV
Finish: Las Vegas, NV

Miles Today: 0
Miles To Date: 478
Trooper Mileage: 169470

I'm finally getting to the point where I don't know which day of the week it is. I had to ask someone to find out that it was Wednesday. The trooper was in the shop. I have the day to catch up on stuff. I took advantage of the hotel gym facilities to gete a much-needed workout, then just wandered around the Las Vegas Strip for a few hours.

I personally find that Vegas gets boring after a while. I'm only going to put a few pictures of Las Vegas up here (yes, the picture to the left is Las Vegas, not Paris), because there has probably been more imagery wasted on this town, in all it's glaring tackiness, than anywhere else in America.

Las Vegas seems to have an identity crisis. Depending on what casino you are in, it wants you to think that you are in Paris, Venice, New York, New Orleans, Moracco, Ancient Rome or Cairo. Somehow this is supposed to make you more inclined to put your money into shiny, noisy machines and feel like you are enjoying yourself.

I was walking through the shops at the new Alladin Casino and was set aback by the name of this one shop, pictures on the right.

On first glance I thought they just couldn't spell worth a -- well, you know.

Later I got together with some more of my friends, Jeff and Susan, for a drink at the V Club in the Ventician. The V Club is a truly classy place and I recommend it as a nice quiet retreat from the glitz, garrishness and hype. I hear that it turns into a disco at night, but in the afternoon it's relaxing.

Later we went out for dinner at a little Italian place with a simple menu and great food.

Getting back to the hotel, I consigned $ 20 to the slot machines (the sum total of my gambling for 3 days) and turned in. I hope my vehicle will be ready tomorrow and the coming days will be more interesting.