August 3rd, 2002
Day 108

Start: Chapel Hill, NC
Finish: Chapel Hill, NC

Miles Today: 0
Miles to Date: 10650
Trooper Mileage: 179571

Today's Healthy Lifestyle Activity involved bicycling several miles to breakfast. This involved a border crossing from the Peoples Republic of Chapel Hill to the Socialist Republic of Carrboro. I was actually on a secret mission to photograph suspected suspicious individuals doing suspected suspicious things. I spotted this suspicious individual and decided that it was my patriotic duty to keep this person under close observation to insure that she wasn't involved in any subversive activity.

OK OK OK, so maybe some aspects of this trip are starting to wear on me just a little bit ...

Roy and his banjoBack in the Good Old Days, Roy was quite a musician, playing with a number of the Lehigh Valley musicians - mostly traditional folk and bluegrass type stuff, I would say - although Roy has forgotten more about music than I will ever know in my lifetyime. Anyway, in spite of a major loss of hearing, Roy is once again getting back into music, and he treated me to a little tune-picking on his back porch, while educating me somewhat on the picking styles.

WOmen's SoccerSwitch gears - Professional Women's Soccer.

Yep. they got it - so we went to a game in the afternoon. Roy and Jan evidently are great fans of the team, and get to the games often.

The sun was hot, but there was ice cream and beer, and the crowd was enthusiastic.