June 2nd, 2002
Day 46

Start: Lenore/Orofinfo, ID
Finish: Lenore/Orofino, ID

Miles Today: 0
Miles to Date: 4399
Trooper Mileage: 173320

The Wityczak FamilyToday was Family Day. Frank and I picked up "my" fish and took it to Kenny's Smoke House to get it smoked and vaccuum packed. It should keep well that way without refrigeration, and will make for some good camping food. Or bear attractant.

Frank built Kenny's shop for him, so we visited for a while. Interesting place. Kenny was out there pulling huge chunks of salmon out of buckets of brine and laying them out on smoking racks. Several gutted fish hung from hooks on the rafters. None of them looked to be too much larger than mine, so I wasn't too embarrassed. I should have pictures of that tomorrow.

Later we all go together for family pictures, then we drove into Moscow to take the kids to see Spiderman. Moscow, Idaho is a college town, but since school was out, there weren't a lot of people around. We did not have to wait in line to see the movie, needless to say.

In the evening we grilled up another salmon for dinner. There is so much salmon here that I think it might be possible, if I stayed here long enough, to get tired of eating salmon.

This should be my last evening here. Tomorrow I'll head south and see how far I get.