June 15th, 2002
Day 59 (page 2)

Start: Doylestown, PA
Finish: Doylestown, PA

Miles Today: 0
Miles to Date: 5721
Trooper Mileage: 174643

Mike and Lynne's Wedding

Plotting and scheming Zap!


Lynne, you aim the flowers
at me on the left.
Mike, you aim the garter at
that guy over there with the
Mercedes and the trust

OK Honey, I know in this
fairy-tale you used to be the
frog, but must you insist on
continuing to snack that way?

Terry and ...

Her dramatic career temporarily
on hold, Debra tries her hand as
a seeing-eye cake-cutter.the fine print


Now wait a minute -
I just read the fine print
on this marriage licence thing ...





What's gives here? c'mon, get serious ...

What a wonderful gift!
Opera Karaoke discs!


Too much partying for me ...!





There are a lot more pictures - I think in the future I may try to set up a thumb-nail sheet of the whole set, so anyone who wants to be emailed a full-sized original digital file can request it.