June 17th, 2002
Day 61

Start: Doylestown, PA
Finish: Doylestown, PA

Miles Today: 0
Miles to Date: 5721
Trooper Mileage: 174643

Today's web site is mostly of interest to family and family friends.

Dave and Diane's FarmDad with the horseThis morning we (my parents and I) went on an excursion to the farm owned by my brother, Dave, and his wife, Diane. This is where I sent my cats before I started on my voyage, because I couldn't find anyone in the Scottsdale area to take care of them while I was gone.

Although Dave and Diane have a farm, they are not farmers - they are both doctorates in biochemistry and university professors. Dave is chairman of the Chemistry department at Lafayette University. Diane, besides being a professor, is also involved with NCAA stuff which takes her around the country a lot. They proably have other positions and qualifications that I am not even aware of, so Dave and Diane, if I missed something, forgive me.

Joren HusicCorey HusicWhen we got there, Dave was off at work, Diane was getting ready to leave on a NCAA related trip. I did get to spend a little time with my nephews, Corey and Joren, before Diane left and took them with her. So, family members, here's some pics of Corey and Joren (Diane declined to be photographed).

Anyway - it seems my cats have settled comfortably into the lifestyle of barn cats. They have all gained some weight, even Sandy, who used to be a scrawny little thing. They all seem to have gotten furrier- then again maybe that's just the barn dust and cob-webs. I'm sure they've had a fair amount of fun catching mice in the barn. Cricket came out to visit me quickly. Sandy was sitting on a chair, but as I approached she acted skittish and kept running away. Finally after about 15 minutes I caught up with her and got re-aquainted. Smokey I found hiding under a tarp draped over a bicycle, but managed to get him to sit still for a nice long belly rub.

I must admit to missing my cats on occasion while traveling around, and I look forward to having them back with me whenever and where-ever I finally get another place where I can have them with me.

We returned to my parents' house, and later in the afternoon a number of family friends came over to visit. Nikki, who is a good friend of my mom, and who I have known since about age 18, Eileen, who used to be our neighbor when I was growing up, Jean, a friend of my mom (and who brought me a bottle of Grey Goose), and Nancy, the Armenian lady who lives next to my parents now. They've all been watching the website, keeping track of me. It was nice to see them all and I look forward to seeing them again when I get back to Pennsylvania.