June 26th, 2002
Day 70

Start: Lawrence, KS
Finish: Houston, TX


Miles Today: 458
Miles to Date: 7267
Trooper Mileage: 176188

Lake Euphaula, Oklahoma

Seeing as there didn't seem to be a whole lot in Oklahoma that I wanted to wander off seeing, I just broke camp and hit the road south.

This day was just pretty much driving, from morning to evening.

Between Dallas and Houston I hit a line of violent thunderstorms. The rain was so intense that traffic on the highway slowed to about 30 mph for almost an hour.

My contact in Houston was Deborah Hope, the sister of Lynne, of Mike and Lynne, whose wedding is featured in the page for June 15 (Deborah is the redhead in some of the pictures). She and her husband live right in Houston, and Deborah had invited me to visit when I was passing through town.

Deborah is an actor (actress?) who does a lot of stage and has done a couple of movies. She had a part in Space Cowboys. She is now working on some Shakespearean productions for the summer.

After 10 hours and over 450 miles of driving, I was really happy to have a place to land for the evening.

But wait until you see tomorrow's stuff ...